Engineering Efficiency
Pablo Software Solutions
POLYCUT: CNC machine for cutting Structural Polycarbonate panels of any straight edged shape with a knife, eliminating dust and reducing wastage with its optimising software.
Double Bed Machine
Single Bed Machine
DIBBLE XL: CNC driven XY positioning machine to accurately and quickly mark out bracket positions on structural wall panels of up to 8 x 4.5m. Includes adjustable powered rollers on a loading and unloading bed to provide efficient product flow.

This production line installation significantly reduced lead times and improved quality.
Dibble XL
X-Y-EAZY  Platform Survey Machine
X-Y-EAZY Limited offers a surveying service for the UK railway industry. This commissioning was to create a measurement trolley that captured all of the required geometry of a station platform and track. This drew on our experience of PLC control and data capture as well as intricate and exacting mechanical design.

This Glazing Bar Punch is a machine used for accurately and quickly
producing fixing holes at exactly the right location from the end of conservatory roof system glazing bars. The roof fabricator simply inserts the bar into the punch and within a moment the hole is created.

This reduces the manufacturing time of the roof, improves the accuracy of the assembly, minimises the chances of mistake by drilling in the wrong place, maintains a high standard of quality and reduces the health and safety risk.
Engineering Efficiency
This ongoing venture is a commission to produce an access platform lift using innovative techniques of belt drive and a compact motor room design. This creates a high specification, aesthetically unique platform lift.

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