Engineering Efficiency
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Engineering Efficiency
X-Y-EAZY Limited provides a survey service for the UK railway industry. The company saw that the method of collecting platform gauging information was slow, labour intensive and often prone to errors or inaccuracies. In conjunction with Network Rail, they devised a specification of a trolley that recorded all of the platform and track measurements as it is pushed along the railway.

Handed this specification, we worked with X-Y-EAZY to design and develop the trolley. This included a range of 9 different sensors all feeding data into the PLC. In order to cope with the high rate of data capture, the project used the first Mitsuibishi FX-3U PLC released in the UK, relying on its high memory capacity and high speed processing capability. We then set up the system with the capability to download the collected data straight into a user friendly format in Microsoft Excel.

The result is a service that provides a complete survey in a fraction of the time of current practices, with highly accurate results and at a cost effective rate.

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