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This Glazing Bar Punch is a machine used for accurately and quickly producing fixing holes at exactly the right location from the end of the K2 or Ultraframe system glazing bars. The roof fabricator simply inserts the bar into the punch and within a moment the hole is created.

The punch is used by a conservatory roof fabricator where fixing holes are required for the attachment of glazing bars to make up the roof. The punch is a self-contained cabinet that can be moved around the factory on its castor wheels. The various glazing bar extrusions, including any plastic cappings, are inserted into the punch through a specially designed slot in the front of the cabinet. The bar is punched automatically when the bar hits the stop inside the machine. The hole diameter punched is 6mm as standard, but can be adjusted easily.

Various adjustments are possible to allow the punch to accommodate the range of glazing bars and configurations.

The punch is designed for efficiency and ergonomics with the punch slot is located at waist height for ease of use. The castors are provided with a braking system to ensure stability.

This machine improves the quality of the process, reduces the risk of accident by removing the need to use manual hand held drills, and reduces the time to fabricate a full roof by up to 20%.
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